March 3, 2018

RabbitWorks is a small, private platform for several self-publishing indie author names that aims to uphold high literary and publishing standards, bring great stories and helpful publications to many minds… while avoiding anyone starving in a garret.

RabbitWorks supports an independent self-publishing model: its co-operative framework enables its authors to write the book that’s on their heart or mind, and leaves the reader free to choose rather than be restricted to what large publishing houses consider is fashionable, A-list celebrity-related, or overtly literary with a storyectomy.  For the average author in traditional publishing these days remuneration and career-development opportunities are fast diminishing – which is a sad thing for a much appreciated form of storytelling. Independent authorship and self-publishing options empower writers to get their work out into the world in many different ways, and create diversity for the reader much like the indie music scene. Self-publishing authors have to work hard to build a living wage but stand a better chance of achieving a viable long-term writing career by taking this route.

We hope you enjoy RabbitWorks books! This website is currently under development but will provide book information, author links, and an opportunity to buy books. Please note that by buying through this site extra funds are raised for the authors via direct sales or affiliate income.

Although RabbitWorks promotes a self-publishing model there is, sadly, no capacity to give advice, or to accept unsolicited manuscripts and pitches from authorsthis kind of communication will often have to go unanswered. For excellent help and advice on independent publishing see the amazing  Alliance of Independent Authors, and access oodles of free information on writing and self-publishing fiction or non-fiction books on the website of indie-author ‘guru in flowery Doc Martins’ Joanna Penn, at The Creative Penn.

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