Invasion of the Vox Lagomorpha by F. Fidelio

April 9, 2019

Sci-fi comedy: They’re fluffy, they’re angry, and they will decide our fate…

When aliens land in the North of England they decline to enslave, infect, pupate in, or enrol people in a galactic federation. Instead, they ally themselves with the most social, most vulnerable entities living among us: rabbits. Humanity’s survival rests on their witness – this, the most abused, most misunderstood pet. Can we hope for mercy, or expect revenge?

This earth-bound but uplifting British sci-fi comedy by F. Fidelio, witnesses close encounters of a fluffy kind unanticipated by the Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence scientists. Join Bernie Bynum, a struggling graduate with a passion for bunny welfare, as she, her house rabbits and human friends tackle the tricky moral dilemma of averting an alien-induced doomsday scenario.

Secret service plots, political spin, media depravity, budding romance, rabbit recalcitrance, and a light-hearted animal rights campaign combine in this contemporary science fiction tale to enthusiastically satirise present day Planet Earth; with Prime Ministers, Presidents, and talk show hosts among those squarely in the ray-gun’s sights.

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