Fear of Misery by F. Fidelio

September 24, 2018

Futuristic dystopian thriller: The night when billions died… except them.

Wednesday 4:00am, in a future near you, a handful of people begin awakening to a nightmare. A terrifyingly swift pandemic has raged, each outbreak searing pockets of instant death. Egg, staffing his children’s ward; Daze, dossing in her Gothic crypt; 80 year old Annie, housebound on the 20th floor of her tower block: all find themselves curiously immune, imprisoned in the same city Isolation Zone with the same harrowing ultimatum: believe the media and report to a ‘quarantine point’, or believe their own eyes and attempt escape? Their lives, and possibly all humanity, depend on them getting it right.

Fear of Misery is a vivid urban dystopian thriller, set in a London of the near future where resource shortages, overpopulation and climate change have seriously impacted the fabric of society. Follow the achingly portrayed band of everyday survivors on their dark, nail-biting journeys through vacant streets, disturbing questions, desperate losses and redeeming loves. Would you make the same choices to save yourself or others, never sure if you are riding out a viral apocalypse or a mass murder conspiracy? If you can handle the compelling suspense then Fidelio’s future-tech tale is right up your street… just beware that 4:00am feeling…

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